From a pre-visit lesson, to hands-on field trip, to post-visit concluding lesson, this experience will help students learn wetland ecology and become environmental stewards. These programs have age appropriate activities that correlate to grade specific Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and History/Social Science Standards. Help your students grow their understanding of the natural world and their role in it through Explore Ballona!

KINDERGARTEN - Nature Neighborhoods
Discover what living things need to survive (food, water, air, shelter) and where they find them at Ballona Discovery Park.

FIRST GRADE - Nature Superpowers
Explore plants and animals external structure adaptations and how they help them survive around Ballona Discovery Park.

SECOND GRADE - Plant Partners
Dig into how plants often need the help of animals to successfully pollinate and disperse seeds at the Saltwater Marsh.

THIRD GRADE - Adaptations at Home
Uncover the variety of adaptations that help living things survive in the Saltwater Marsh.

FOURTH GRADE - Nature’s Power
Investigate how local waterways have impacted both humans and Ballona Wetlands.

FIFTH GRADE - Complex Connections
Discover the myriad of ways living and nonliving factors interact in the ecosystems found at the Saltwater Marsh.

MIDDLE SCHOOL - Topics Upon Request
To better serve the variety of classes and topics for these grade levels, we provide tours tailored to each teacher’s need.

HIGH SCHOOL - Topics Upon Request
To better serve the variety of classes and topics for these grade levels, we provide tours tailored to each teacher’s need.

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Explore Ballona! FAQs

How long is the field trip?

Typical tours are 2 hours and start at 10am.

What is the cost?

We appreciate an honorarium of $5/person but inability to donate will NOT affect the tour.

How many students may I bring?

We can accommodate up to 60 people (students and adults) per field trip. Larger groups must schedule multiple days.

What should my students bring?

All tour participants need to wear close-toed shoes and should bring water and a jacket.

Can my tour include restoration?

Restoration projects can be included in tours but is recommended for 3rd grade and up.

How many chaperones?

For younger groups, we ask for at least 2 adults per class but no more than 4 per class.

Do you offer bus scholarships?

Friends of Ballona Wetlands is proud to provide a limited number of bus scholarships each year upon request.

Where can we eat lunch after the tour?

Local parks are within a 5 minute walk with restrooms and grass areas to play.

How do I get pre and post visit lessons?

Lessons may be provided for teacher use after trip is confirmed, or if availability allows, staff may come to schools to teach the lesson(s).

For specific questions please contact our environmental education staff:

Elementary and Middle School Programs (Pre-K through 8th Grade):
Carolyn Everhart
Manager of Environmental Education
Phone: 310.306.5994

High School and University Programs:
Patrick Tyrrell
Manager, Habitat Restoration and Upper Education
Phone: 310.306.5994