Why don’t volunteers at Ballona pull-out invasive grasses year-round? Certain times of year are better than others to pull out invasive plants at Ballona.  If pulled during the summer and fall, seedpods could potentially release hundreds of seeds onto the wetlands. Vision for the Future »
The freshwater marsh, once a dry, weedy field, now supports more wildlife than the entire wetland has in many, many years. 

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The Friends are proud of this achievement.  The landowner could have simply built a run-off basin, but through our tough negotiations, we achieved a freshwater marsh that must meet 3 conditions: 1) It must create habitat superior to what existed before, 2) That habitat must be maintained in perpetuity, and 3) Should it not be compatible with the salt marsh restoration, it must be redesigned and rebuilt until it is.  The marsh was created without the use of any public money and is maintained through a conservancy directed by Playa Vista residents.

A Checklist of Ballona Freshwater Marsh Birds, courtesy of Dr. Edith Read »