Why is it important to take care of our native habitats? There are many reasons why nature preservation is important.  One reason is that these natural areas and the wildlife they support are part of our heritage.  They make life more beautiful. volunteer now »
Friends of Ballona Wetlands’ programs are not only fun, interesting, and rewarding...

but each program is personally arranged or presented by the Friends’ Education Coordinator or Programs Director.  This allows a degree of flexibility in our programming.  Our ongoing Community Programs offer the opportunity for individuals, families, and small groups learn about Ballona and participate in the Friends’ Restoration Project.  Larger groups such as classes, service organizations, religious groups, scouts, and corporate groups can arrange schedule a special program.  You can choose an interpretive tour of the wetlands and dunes, an introduction to the freshwater marsh, a hands-on restoration activity, or perhaps partner to create an in-depth program involving multiple visits to Ballona.  Friends of Ballona Wetlands’ staff can work with you to create a program that addresses any related elements you would like to focus on.

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The Freshwater Marsh has a public trail on the perimeter. It is located on the corner of Lincoln and Jefferson and is a flourishing marsh with over 200 species of birds visiting or residing there each year. No need to make reservations, just come out dawn to dusk and park along side the marsh on the South side of Jefferson. You will find excellent interpretive signage that will provide rich information. Look for the Friends’ information box just West of the corner on Jefferson. Dogs on leash are acceptable!