A fish out of water? The long-jawed mudsucker can survive out of water for a short time while the tide is out and the mudflats are exposed.  It burrows into the mud to stay moist, and waits for the water to come back in. volunteer now »
The Friends offers class tours for all ages of students. 

Programs are most appropriate for elementary school through college, but introductory sessions for younger students are available.  If you are interested in a class program contact the Friends.

  • Elementary and Middle School Programs (Pre-K through 8th Grade):
    Carolyn Everhart - Manager of Environmental Education
    Phone: 310.306.5994
    Email: carolyn@ballonafriends.org

  • High School and University Programs:
    Patrick Tyrrell - Manager, Habitat Restoration and Upper Education
    Phone: 310.306.5994
    Email: patrickt@ballonafriends.org