Why do I see bees at Ballona, but not beehives? Native bees at Ballona do not nest in hives.  Instead, they burrow tiny nests in the ground.  Like honey bees (from Europe) native bees help pollinate both native plants and agricultural crops. volunteer now »
Book a Private Tour

Friends of Ballona Wetlands offers an array of highly informative, inspiring wetlands guided tours; we book private tours for groups of eight or more individuals, as well as regularly scheduled weekend tours for members of the community (download Calendar of Community Activities), and school tours for all grade levels. Contact Patrick Tyrrell patrickt (at) ballonafriends.org or call 310.306.5994.

Most of these special tours include hands-on dunes restoration work. Among the groups who have participated are:

  • Corporate volunteer groups
  • Businesses
  • Boy Scouts
  • Church and synagogue members
  • Ecology clubs
  • Family groups
  • Parent groups
  • After school clubs
  • Youth birthday celebration

Tours are free but a donation of $5 per person is much appreciated.