What part of city life can negatively effects Ballona? Roads going through the wetlands can harm wildlife, impact song birds with traffic noise and are a source gasoline and oil which washes  into the wetlands during a rain. volunteer now »
Teacher Resources Grade 8

  • What's in the Water - Click to download »
    What is pollution and how does it affect the environment?  Conduct an experiment to observe the effects of multiple sources of pollution.

  • Are We Just Fouling Ourselves? - Click to download »
    Does the way we use the land affect us?  Research land use and derivative pollutants in order to write a report.  Also suggested as 6th grade activity, meeting standards for watersheds.

  • You Are What you Eat: Plastics and Marine Life - Click to download »
    Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there. Whether it sinks or floats, plastics in the sea spell trouble for all the animals in the ocean. Find out the many ways marine life can be affected by plastics in their aquatic home.

  • The Edge of the Wedge - Click to download »
    Fresh water out, salt water in - the turn of the tides in coastal estuaries makes for a mixing adventure.

  • Keep Your Head Above Water - Click to Download »
    Do things that float behave differently in salt and fresh water? What lets them float, and when do they sink?

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