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When you think of Ballona – think of the Friends!

Friends of Ballona Wetlands are involved in every aspect of the health and wellbeing of the Ballona Wetlands, and as the “go to” organization for all things Ballona, here are some recent events where we’ve been representing your interests!

Gray Davis’ Well Deserved Honor

Friends of Ballona Wetlands honored former Governor Gray Davis during our 9th annual Moonlight on the Marsh Celebration on October 18th. So many have championed the Ballona Wetlands over the decades and Gray Davis is among the most important. Without his intervention to purchase lands with state funding, our Ballona Wetlands future might look quite different. Davis’ actions, along with many others, ensured construction of the hugely successful Freshwater Marsh and took development off the table for the vacant lands west of Lincoln Boulevard – now slated for a comprehensive tidal restoration, with public access. Click here to view the wonderful tribute video to Governor Davis, directed by Matt Lansford.

Call for Volunteers!!! – Technical Reviewers for the Restoration EIR

Friends are seeking volunteer technical reviewers of the Ballona Wetlands Restoration Project Draft Environmental Impact Report that is due out early next year. The Friends have represented our members and the community throughout this decade-long process. With our partners at Heal the Bay, we are asking those qualified to volunteer time to review and comment on the DEIR within their particular areas of expertise. The technical review document produced from this effort will be used by the Friends, Heal the Bay and others to underpin their recommendations to the state on a preferred restoration plan, and will also strengthen the Final EIR when adopted by the state.

L.A. Times Recognizes Friends Leadership Cleaning Up Ballona Reserve Lands!

In a Times article on November 11th, the issue of the homeless is profiled – and again, the Friends leadership helps the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) address the challenges of homeless encampments in the Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve. Other organizations are also assisting the homeless to find indoor accommodations. In response to a Friends letter last year to local politicians, city and county departments and responsible agencies, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, L.A. County Sheriff, LAPD, MRCA Rangers and CDFW Wardens did a great job breaking down these encampments and working towards viable solutions to shelter the homeless, while preventing further habitat degradation within the 600 acre Ecological Reserve. Friends have been privileged to assist our Ballona land manager, Brody, on the removal of tons of trash and debris from Reserve lands by providing the large dumpsters necessary.

Public Information Meeting on Coyotes in our Neighborhoods!

In response to neighborhood concerns, the Friends helped organize two public meetings on the issue of coyotes in urban places, one on November 18th at the Playa Vista Library and another at the Neighborhood Council of Westchester and Playa del Rey’s monthly board meeting on December 2nd.

We are here for you!

Come to us with any questions or concerns you have on issues involving our Watershed. We are here to represent your interests at Ballona.

When you think of Ballona – think of the Friends!