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Restore Ballona Wetlands Now

This coming year will be pivotal for the Wetlands. We need your renewal and support more than ever!

For the last 35 years, Friends of Ballona Wetlands has fought hard to save these precious wetlands from development and with your help those battles have been won. But in the meantime, the Wetlands have been slowly dying and are in urgent need of your help.

This coming year, the State of California will start making decisions on how it will restore the Wetlands. A lack of balance between fresh water and salt water, damaging runoff from urban pollution, and invasive species are all choking the native environment that once thrived here. Now the fight is to bring the Wetlands back to life before degradation becomes irreversible for key local species. And again with your help, the Friends can lead the charge to push the State to act for the last remaining coastal wetlands in LA County.

But we need to act now. And we are fighting two battles. First, we must push the State to act and act now. The State has funds already set aside. Continuing to drag out the environmental review process only allows the Wetlands to further degrade (threatening species) and makes it more expensive to restore. Second, we are fighting “Tea Party” type groups that don’t want the government to do anything and consequently would effectively let the Wetlands die. We are fighting to bring back all of the Wetlands, and there are two ways you can help:

1. Make Your Voice Heard: The Wetlands urgently need comprehensive restoration to reverse the damage the wetlands have endured from the surrounding development. Go to to get involved during the next public comment period.

2. Make a Contribution: Please renew your membership or become a new member. We need your financial support to fight this battle and to provide the science, the advocacy and the education needed to push the State forward. This work has been put off for far, far too long.

This is YOUR Ballona Wetlands, and it is time we finally restored it to what it should be!

We have shown the Wetlands can be saved. This year we had another major milestone as a population of the rare and endangered El Segundo blue butterfly was found for the third year in a row in several of our restoration sites!

Our growing partnership with Loyola Marymount University’s Center for Urban Resilience is breaking new ground in the areas of Urban Ecology – this is a cutting edge interdisciplinary approach to studying people and nature together in urban settings.

For over three and a half decades we have provided a strong voice for the Wetlands and conducted outreach to the community regarding the importance of the Ballona Wetlands.

You can make sure we are around for another 35 years by supporting the Friends NOW with a donation.

The Friends are known for initially saving the Wetlands, but we also provide opportunities for individuals and community groups to perform community service, to be trained as interns, and to feel part of something bigger than themselves in their watershed. More than 75,000 folks have participated in our programs over the years – read about their personal experiences on our blog page at!

So as you look back over the past year, think of the Friends and all that we do for you and your community. Even if you have never come to the Wetlands, know that your donation is providing thousands of Angelenos, many of them from underserved communities, with direct first-hand experience of the last remaining coastal wetlands in Los Angeles County. But we cannot do it alone, and we need your support to continue our outreach programs, such as introducing underserved kids to the treasures in our backyard.

Please consider increasing your end of year donation!

Your gift will make a difference right away – whether it is to help maintain existing outreach programs or to help us spearhead the fight to fully restore the wetlands for generations to come. We need you to be one of our Friends of the Ballona Wetlands.

We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and any donations you make are fully tax-deductible. You can donate by sending a check to us by mail or by using our online donation page at

Thank you again for your gift this year and for your past generous support.

With thanks,

David Kay
President, Board of Directors