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Friends of Ballona Wetlands Trash Armada (c) 2010 Lisa Fimiani

Art display at wetlands to deliver eco-lessons

The Friends were thrilled to have local artist Deb Ris at our annual Earth Day event (more photos here). We were struck by the fact that a similar art installation was displaying simultaneously on the other side of the world.  Via China Post:

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Five landscape sculptures created through an international environmental art project were formally put on display Friday at the Cheng Long wetlands in Taiwan’s southwestern Yunlin County to raise the public’s environmental awareness.

All five installation sculptures were created by artists locally and abroad with natural materials available from the wetlands, said Lin Hua-ching, an ecological habitat management specialist with the Taiwan Forestry Bureau under the Council of Agriculture.

A swimmable, fishable harbor?

Via The Baltimore Sun:

Local group proposes 10-year plan for cleaning harbor

Baltimore’s revitalized waterfront draws millions of visitors a year, but could it ever be a place where people actually take a dip? Or catch fish?

That’s the vision of a local group that wants to make Baltimore’s harbor swimmable and fishable within a decade.

From New York Harbor’s Depths, Muck to Restore Islands in Jamaica Bay

Via The New York Times:

For generations, the islands of Jamaica Bay, the 26-square-mile natural sanctuary off the Brooklyn and Queens shoreline that is home to hundreds of species of migratory birds and marine life, have been disappearing, victims of environmental neglect.

A combination of factors, including development encroaching into the bay and erosion caused by the dumping of contaminants, led to the shrinking of the bay’s salt marsh islands to 800 acres, from more than 16,000 acres a century ago. At the rate they are being lost, about 33 acres annually, they could vanish entirely in two decades.

But now the bay’s fortunes are rebounding, thanks to the leftovers from a giant project taking place in New York Harbor that most people never see and probably know nothing about.

Pakistan Installs Country’s First Urban Rainwater Harvesting System

Via Circle of Blue:

Pakistan’s first urban rainwater harvesting system has been installed in the capital city Islamabad, the Daily Times


The collection tanks at the Faisal Mosque complex were funded by the city’s Capital Development Authority, and will provide clean drinking water while recharging the local water table for the city’s nearly 1 million residents.

In pictures: Oceans’ tiniest life

Via BBC:

Tiny, ocean dwelling organisms catalogued by a global survey.